Learning Art on a Mobile Game called Artistico

Parents are constantly in search for decent educational mobile games or apps to download on their iPad, iPhone, or Android so that their children can play game and learn something at the same time.  I recently ran into an iPad game called Artistico that provides cultural learning by bringing together different historical art works from countries around the world.  Basically, the game displays a famous art work from various historical periods, and then breaks each art work into pieces where the player must match ten random pieces that are moving in a queue by dragging them to their correct locations.  And by the way, the player is playing the game against the clock to score high points.  The best part about this game is not the game you play to earn a high score.  After completing each game, the player has an option to learn about the painting and the painter by clicking on the icons.  Continue reading

Using Level Money Smartphone App for Budgeting

Many people do not like the word “budget”.  We all know budgeting requires a lot of effort and many times it is very difficult to maintain beyond the first 12 months.  This is especially true for the younger generation who mostly do not worry about where they are spending the money.  To get more people interested in budgeting, a new smartphone app has been created.  It is called Level Money. Continue reading

3 Security Tips When Using Mobile Banking

More users are opting for mobile banking because it is convenient.  Not only can you check your transaction and balance at a click of a finger, you can also pay bills just as quick.  However, people tend to be naive and draw immediate conclusion that mobile banking is safe.  But is it really safe? Continue reading

Save Money Downloading Fitness Apps Using Smartphone

Many people try very hard to stay fit and remain healthy.  These motivated individuals spend anywhere from $10 – $150 per month in gym membership fees.  On top of the monthly gym membership fees, they also purchase a personal trainer and even a nutritionist.  Money can add up very fast!  If these were the requirements in staying physically fit, then it would be impossible because not everyone can afford the total cost of staying healthy. Continue reading

Using Smartphone Apps to Fight Food Allergies

One of my kids have food allergy to dairy products such as milk and cheese.  It can be hassle to look at labels all the time to check if it contains some sort of milk ingredient.  Sometime, we miss it and end up giving it to our kid by accident.  Shortly after, it is usually followed by Benadryl.  Continue reading