Save Money By Controlling Your Kids

Several years ago, I lost my laptop to water spill from my child.  Since then, I make sure my kids do not drink while playing any computer.  This is a simple rule I enforce in my house after a big loss.  Recently, I bought a new iPad using my credit card points that I saved over the years.  As soon as kids found out I have a new iPad, they were all over it.  Continue reading

4 Tips to Create Positive Learning Environment for Kids

If you have kids in school, then you know how much they dislike to do their homework and study.  They create constant nagging and tend to procrastinate as much as possible.  Are there anything parents can do to help these kids with their study and homework?  Here are 4 tips for parents to create positive learning environment for kids. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Not To Buy Much Anticipated New iPad

Apple recently made an official announcement of the new iPad (it’s not called iPad 3 as expected) on March 7, 2012 and that this new iPad will be making its presence in all Apple stores starting March 16.  This announcement gave much anticipated excitement to all current iPad owners who are ready to upgrade to this new iPad.  I’m sure these people are ready to stay in long lines at Apple stores this Friday.  Continue reading

iPad 3 Arrives Soon, Sell iPad or iPad 2 Today

iPad 3 is rumored to be announced sometime early March and could be available for purchases later that month.  Majority of people who already own iPad or iPad 2 will consider buying the next generation of iPad when released sometime next month.  Most of these iPad owners will not even think about selling their older generation iPads after purchasing the new iPad 3.  Their iPad will go back into storage or will be around the house not being put to good use because all the family members want to play with the new iPad 3. Continue reading