The Power of Saving Credit Card Reward Points

There are many people taking advantage of the credit card reward points.  These people are mostly frugal, trying to save money by using credit card reward points for their travel expenses especially when they go on vacation.  You can also use the points to exchange with gift cards or just get cash back.  One of the best credit card reward point system out there is the Chase Ultimate Reward.

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How to Cancel Credit Cards Without Damaging Credit Scores

Did you know you can negatively impact your credit scores by cancelling credit cards?  So, taking the right steps before canceling any credit card is worth your effort because if done the correct way, you can close a credit card account without damaging your credit score.  Here is a list of some important information you should know before closing credit cards. Continue reading

7 Essentials Every Twenties Should Know About Finances

You are young.  You are energetic.  You are free at last from parents always telling you what to do.  You are now in your Twenties.  You have officially joined the Twenties Smarties.  This is a perfect time to set a strong financial foundation which will enable you to be better prepared for later in life.  Just about anything we do, starting strong is very important and it applies to your finance part of life.  Here is a list of essentials related to finance you should know so that you can build a strong and solid foundation in your personal finance. Continue reading

Using Level Money Smartphone App for Budgeting

Many people do not like the word “budget”.  We all know budgeting requires a lot of effort and many times it is very difficult to maintain beyond the first 12 months.  This is especially true for the younger generation who mostly do not worry about where they are spending the money.  To get more people interested in budgeting, a new smartphone app has been created.  It is called Level Money. Continue reading