Save Money Downloading Fitness Apps Using Smartphone

Many people try very hard to stay fit and remain healthy.  These motivated individuals spend anywhere from $10 – $150 per month in gym membership fees.  On top of the monthly gym membership fees, they also purchase a personal trainer and even a nutritionist.  Money can add up very fast!  If these were the requirements in staying physically fit, then it would be impossible because not everyone can afford the total cost of staying healthy.

Nowadays, people have started using their smartphone to get a complete and total body workout.  This includes a personal trainer, nutritionist, and even fitness classes.  The best part of using your smartphone is all this come for free.  By downloading certain free apps on your smartphone, you can actually save money and be able to maintain your health and stay fit.

Here is a list of apps that you can download.  Try them out for free and pick the one you like.  Feel free to leave a comment on your preference.

Three personal training apps:

 Three nutrition apps:

Three fitness class app:

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