Save Money By Controlling Your Kids

Several years ago, I lost my laptop to water spill from my child.  Since then, I make sure my kids do not drink while playing any computer.  This is a simple rule I enforce in my house after a big loss.  Recently, I bought a new iPad using my credit card points that I saved over the years.  As soon as kids found out I have a new iPad, they were all over it.  Although iPad has higher resistance to water, I am not taking any chances.  So, the same rule applies when it comes to drinking while playing iPad.  But what can I do to control kids from damaging my iPad such as scratching on the screen or even worse, losing it?  As parents, how should we deal with kids in controlling their damage to expensive tablet like iPad?

First, kids should learn safe handling of the iPad or any other tablets or smartphones.  Teach them to stay in one place when using the iPad so that there is no risk of dropping.  Explain to them why it is important to maintain clean screen free from scratches.  Then, discuss the repercussion if they do not use iPad properly.  For example, tell them that fixing scratches cost a lot of money.  Therefore, if they make any scratches, then they will start getting less allowance for x number of weeks or they will get assigned new chores or declare that they will get tech break as a penalty.  Also, consider taking them to repair shop so that they can see how much it costs to fix a scratch.

Taking simple precautions not only help you save money, but also help teach kids of proper handling.  What is the most expensive item your kids damaged and what new rules have you enforced so that it does not happen again?

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