Learn the Facts About the ObamaCare Penalty

By now, every American has heard about ObamaCare, also known as Health Care Reform.  ObamaCare is a health care plan for the American that provides majority of citizen the access to health insurance that is most affordable.  The health insurance is currently being offered via a Health Insurance Marketplace and the citizens can go there to receive subsidized health insurance.  You may be asking why the ObamaCare is so important to Americans since most of people like us have a decent job that provides a decent health insurance.  Many people do not know there are more than 40 million people who are unable to get health insurance.  Believe it or not, there are people who get denied of health insurance coverage and treatment because they were sick in the past or got charged more because they were women.  Now with the ObamaCare, these 40+ millions of people can get health insurance without any health discrimination.

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7 Foods You Should Not Avoid for Better Health

People tend to eat foods that taste good, not necessary foods that are good for their health.  This behavior starts early in life as we can see it in our children, who do everything they can to stay away from anything “green”.  Do you believe that certain foods can actually give you a better health?  Researchers are finding out that there are certain foods that can actually help you to be healthy.  Eating more of the following list of foods can help you stay away from doctor visits, which in turn can help you from spending money in doctor fees and medicine. Continue reading

October is Cancer Screening Month

The recommendations for who should get screened for breast and colon cancer and other types of cancers are constantly changing because health professional are learning new information.  I believe this is why the society created what is called Cancer Screening month where a whole month of October is dedicated to reminder all Americans to get cancer screening.  Continue reading