Affordable Home Security Wireless Camera Review

Do you worry about your home security?  If you are a parent and have a family living in a house, then most likely you are at least thinking of protecting your home and family.  What options do you have in home security systems that are affordable and fits in your budget?  Most home security system will cost you about $50 per month, that’s $600 a year.

If you can afford to shell out $600 per year for a nice home security system, then you should definitely get one because it will be worth it.  I recommend sticking to a well known company instead of small unknown company.  The main reason for going with a well known home security company like ADT is the fact that they will be always available, which I think is very important aspect of Home Security.  Company like ADT has several redundancy in place in case of disaster recovery.  For example, if one of the ADT monitoring location goes down and becomes unavailable, then there is no worry to you as the customer because there is another ADT location that can continue Home Security Monitoring service.  Unlike ADT, smaller companies cannot afford to implement similar infrastructure to provide redundancy.

D-Link DIY Home Security

D-Link DIY Home Security2

If you cannot afford to spend a lot of money in a home security system, then you will need to do some research in finding a more affordable home security system.  One option is the idea of DIY Home Security and look into a wireless home security camera that can connect to online via wifi.  I found a real nice camera on amazon called D-Link DCS-932L Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera.

  • 16 feet of night vision allows you to see clearly even in complete darkness
  • Sound detection and motion sensing technology sends you automatic push alert notifications whenever a loud noise or movement is detected
  • View, control and pinch to zoom up to 4x using the free mydlink Lite app available for iOS, Android devices and Windows Phones

You can move it anywhere in your home and you can check in anywhere in the world.  If you can buy multiple of these cameras and strategically place them in your home, then it can serve as a DIY home security system that is cost effective.  I recommend buying one and try it out before adding more security cameras.  You can use the image below and go to to place the order.