The Power of Saving Credit Card Reward Points

There are many people taking advantage of the credit card reward points.  These people are mostly frugal, trying to save money by using credit card reward points for their travel expenses especially when they go on vacation.  You can also use the points to exchange with gift cards or just get cash back.  One of the best credit card reward point system out there is the Chase Ultimate Reward.

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How to Cancel Credit Cards Without Damaging Credit Scores

Did you know you can negatively impact your credit scores by cancelling credit cards?  So, taking the right steps before canceling any credit card is worth your effort because if done the correct way, you can close a credit card account without damaging your credit score.  Here is a list of some important information you should know before closing credit cards. Continue reading

High Volume of Spam Emails in Short Period – What Does It Mean?

You log into your primary email account and found out to your surprise that you have tens and thousands of spam emails in your inbox.  What do you do and why did your email get bombarded with spam emails all of sudden?  Believe it or not, more people are experiencing unusually high number of spam emails.  But why does this happen?

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A SMART Way to Use Credit Cards

Believe it or not, credit cards do have many benefits.  If you are a SMART credit card user, then you can take advantage of their cash back, bonus points and even airline miles.  You can also use credit card to increase your credit scores.  Unfortunately, many people get into financial trouble by depending too much on their multiple credit cards.  So as a credit card user, you should follow the guidance listed below so that you can be SMART about credit cards. Continue reading