10 Tips to Protect Your Home While You Are Traveling

Have you taken a long vacation away from your home?  Were you worry about your home while your family was away for extended period of time?  Burglars target homes that look vacant so it is very important for the home owners to take precautions.  Before you take any long vacation, you should do some planning around your home to make sure your home is safe while you are away.   Here are 10 tips you should follow before you leave for vacation so that you can relax and enjoy without worrying about your home and your belongings.

  1. Here is an obvious tip: close and lock all windows and doors including all slide glass doors.  In addition, leave all blinds and curtains in their normal position.
  2. Move any valuable items away from windows and consider making separate arrangement for them.
  3. Consider pulling your second vehicle half way up the driveway to deter potential burglars from pulling their vehicle close to your house.
  4. Do not broadcast your vacation on social networking sites.  Always ask your close neighbor or friend to pick up your mails or pick up your daily newspapers.  Scattered newspaper in your driveway or lawn is one of prime targets by the burglars.  You can also have the USPS to hold your mail using online website and temporary cancel your newspaper subscription.
  5. Ask your close friend to occasionally inspect your house by inspecting outside and inside of the house.  This person should also have keys to your vehicles in case of emergency.
  6. Purchase automatic timer for your interior and exterior lights.
  7. Arrange lawn service during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons if you are away from home for more than 2 weeks.
  8. Do not hide any spare keys outside such as doormats or flower pots.
  9. Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy is active.
  10. Do not write any personal information on your luggage tags.  Thieves can always check your address on your luggage tags and your house can be an easy target.

  • Fabian November 8, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    I think this works only in US. For me i just keep my keys to my neighbor and if something happen i am going to ask my neighbor. Anyway is grear advice.

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